About ADR Snow Management

ADR Snow Management has efficiently provided snow management and salting services for commercial properties of all kinds in the New York metropolitan areas for over 10 years.

ADR Snow Management is an extraordinary commercial snow management company.

  • We are committed the people we serve and work with.
  • We pride our customer relationships, we invest in our staff and we give back to society because we believe that we plan what we sow.
  • We are efficient! Call us day or night during a snowstorm, we’ll always pick up the phone. However, you won’t have to call us because we’ll be at your property preparing for the snowstorm before the first snowflake hits the ground.
  • Our billing is accurate and fully documented.
  • We focus on continuous improvement gives you the peace of mind that people working on your site are trained and are complying with safety guidelines.
  • We have the equipment and experienced staff to ensure prompt and effective snow management services.
  • We pride ourselves on maintaining quality work and keeping our customers satisfied and at ease.
  • Select from a series of different contract options as well as emergency calls to fit your business needs.
It’s no wonder we have been growing year after year.
Let us be your snow management company this season, and every season after that.

Our Values

People First

People are the reason we do what we do: clients, employees, family and society in general.


We believe efficient service bring smiles and returning customers. That's why we strive to provide our clients with quick response time, inspection and accurate billing every season.

Continuous Improvement

We invest in the continuous improvement of our staff because training yields the best ROI for safety, staff , and client satisfaction.

Our Management Team

Adeilson Reis

President & CEO

Jocylene Maia

Vice-President & CFO

Gabriel Marques

Billing & Data Analysis Supervisor

Christopher Costa

Equipment Technician

Darley Ramos

Business Development Director


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