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Safety Guidelines for Snow Blower Operation


A study at the University of Arkansas analyzed over 30,000 snow blower accidents from 2002 to 2008. Can you suggest the main reason the accident happened? Yes, clogged machine.

In wet snow conditions, snow blowers often get clogged and unclog them with a stick is not often very efficient. The easier way is to stick one's hands into the machine, but that's the leading cause of the accident. The study also found that inside all that clogged snow, rotational force is built up just enough to do damage even when the engine is cut completely off, which is the perfect recipe of a snowblower accident.

Unfortunately, we had our share of accidents for this exact reason. Since then, we have created strict safety guidelines for our associates to follow and we reinforce them during our seasonal training and before every snow snowstorm.

Our guideline was inspired by the safety guideline offered in the American Society for Surgery of the Hand and by our own observation of the correct and incorrect use of snowblower machines:
  1. NEVER put your hand or fingers near the moving parts, intake or output areas of snowblowers.
  2. NEVER remove stuck objects with your hands. The blades are sharp and can cause serious injury even while it's turned off.
  3. Turn off and disconnect spark plug for small on-site maintenance.
  4. Turn off and disconnect spark plug while moving or picking up the snowblower
  5. DO NOT lift a machine from the bottom, again, the blades are sharp enough to cause serious injury.
  6. Wear non-slip, closed-toe shoes to prevent slipping under the machine.
  7. Operate the machine safely and with care​
Have a GREAT and SAFE Snow Season!
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Summer Slumps? No way. We were at SIMA 21st Snow and Ice Symposium!

Summer never prevents us from fulfilling our mission of continuous improvement. This past June we took our entire management team to the 21st Snow and Ice Symposium that happened in Cleveland, Ohio.  

At the symposium, we had the opportunity to learn from industry's top snow and ice professionals from recruiting, to managing risks and liability, to billing and new technologies that will help us serve our clients with excellence the upcoming winter.

The SIMA Symposium was great, and now it's time to implement what we have learned.

Reis, CEO of ADR Snow Management

That's how our CEO summed it up. And that's great because our team returned home both inspired and motivated. We were inspired by the success stories shared by Jason Case, Chris Bright, Neal Glatt and Rick Huffman and motivated to improve our processes by training our staff year-round and by adding new technology to our snow management operation.

Below are some of the pictures we took at the event.

We are looking forward to a great winterope you like them and stay tuned for our next post.


ADR Snow Management Team

Our Management Team

Reis, CEO

Seconds before the tradeshow floor opened

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